4 things to know about MXGP3

4 things to know about MXGP3

Looking forward for MXGP3? Don’t miss the latest updates! Let’s start with 4 things to know about the game!

1. More than real
MXGP3 has a new game engine. Unreal® Engine 4 injects even more detail into the MXGP world; it will offer you a dynamic and ever-more enjoyable gaming experience.

2. Strive for victory
The most challenging tracks of the MXGP Championship are waiting for you.  The unpredictable dynamic weather conditions and the improved terrain deformation will put even the most skilled players to the test.

3. Braap!
The engine sound has been improved consistently. Prepare yourself to run at full throttle surrounded by the ambient noise of chainsaws.

4. Shining details
Lighting is based on reality, it adapts in a dynamic way, providing the environments with an unprecedented depth.

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