Patch now available

Patch now available

Hey Guys,

New patch is now available for MXGP3, find the fix list below:


– Race Sessions: fixed skip session causing all sessions following the one skipped to being simulated
– End Race: fixed getting stuck when all skills are at max value
– Race rewind: fixed rewind behaviours when used just before finish line and when cancelled
– Stability: fixed crashes on application quit
– Stability: fixed crashes on specific resolutions and quality levels
-Performance: improved performances on certain tracks
– Time Trial: fixed lap count not working correctly if returning to pit and back to race
– Time Trial: fixed race page to show correct weather
– Online: Added all players results menu in online qualifying
– Online: fixed not working confirm button in race rewards page
– Online: voted weather to be applied on every weekend session.
– Qualifying: consider as a valid lap the one finished after the session timer elapsed
– Audio: 2 strokes audio improved
– AI: speed and ideal times improvements
– Track Kegums: MXGP category’s lap time fix; improved AI trajectories
– Track Pietramurata – Respawn splines fix
– Track Mantova: fixed width of some hoops to prevent players from skipping them; improved AI trajectories


– Customization: custom names and numbers now visible even with Low and Medium graphics settings
– Video Options: monitor specific resolutions detection
– Video Options: added Supersampling option for high-end PC
– Localizations: fixed all spanish locale languages

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