The Dev Team speaks

The Dev Team speaks

Working on a videogame is all about passion and dedication. Let’s hear what the MXGP3 Dev Team has to say about their experience!

Gianluca Barbera – Lead Programmer:
“Lighting is not something you immediatly perceive when playing a videogame, but it really changes things. In MXGP3 the lighting is based in reality, so it adapts in a dynamic way, providing the environments with an unprecedented depth.”

Luca Simonotti – Lead Designer:
“Have you ever ridden a dirt bike on a muddy surface, under pouring rain? Believe me, it’s not for the faint hearted. Adding weather conditions to MXGP3 will provide the most extreme players with a new kind of thrill, and the particle effects will make the whole experience muddy as hell.”

Iasevoli e Mattioli – Art Dept.
“The switch to Unreal® Engine 4 has provided us with the tools to make every corner of the tracks really shine. Whether it’s the coloured smoke-screens enveloping the cheering crowd or the new terrain deformation, the ennvironment will constantly feel crisp, alive and real.”

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