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Take all The best of MXGP 2021

keyart MXGP21

1 Official championship 2021: don't miss anything.

All the tracks, all the riders, all the official bikes to fully experience the true emotions of this season. All of them, from the last corner to the first position.

2 New career mode: reputation is everything.

Your race to become number 1 will be even more realistic and exciting. A renovated career path where your every decision will be crucial.

3 Legacy tracks: the history lives on

Relive the emotions of Ottobiano, Ernée, Leon and Agueda: 4 of the most celebrated tracks of past editions. History is ready to be rewritten… and become legend.

Legacy Tracks

Legacy tracks - 1

1Ottobiano (Italy) among the largest motocross venues in Europe

Some emotions deserve to be lived again and again, such as those that you can only experience racing on unforgettable tracks. With MXGP2021, 4 beloved circuits from the past editions are back, in addition to the official ones of the 2021 season,

to take you deep inside the action between the curves and jumps of Ottobiano in Italy, Ernée in France, Leon in Mexico and Agueda in Portugal. Timeless challenges await you!

Legacy tracks - 2

2Ernée (France) run through the valleys of the French northwest

Legacy tracks - 3

3Leon (Mexico) where the challenge knows no siesta

Legacy tracks - 4

4Agueda (Portugal) have fun with the most famous uphills and downhills

MXGP2021 videogame screenshot

The Game Cairoli portrait Cairoli portrait Features

Whether you hit the track just for fun or to write your name in MXGP history, this season has everything you need to satisfy your need for racing. We've updated the most popular features, improving gameplay and realism for an unprecedented gaming experience!

Discover the renewed career and new multiplayer modes, and challenge the MXGP champions, your friends or the whole world!

MXGP2021 videogame - Career Mode

1Career Mode Choose between official or custom teams, work your way through contracts and sponsors and go for glory like a real rider!

MXGP2021 videogame - Track editor

2Track editor Create stunning, lifelike tracks with the new tools of the Track Editor, now even more powerful.

MXGP2021 videogame - Game modes

3Game modes Drop the clutch, open the throttle up and dominate Single Races, Time Attack, Championship or Waypoint mode.

MXGP2021 videogame - Multiplayer mode

4Multiplayer Even more tracks created by the Community, online challenges and the Race Director mode!

MXGP2021 videogame - Waypoint mode

5Waypoint mode Place your Waypoints in the new playground and share your tracks online to challenge the whole world!

MXGP2021 videogame - Screenshot
Track Editor

Create Your Tracks

Thanks to the improved Track Editor, creating the perfect track has never been easier. Choose from different terrain types, variable heightmap, modules and new tools such as the Holeshot, for even more adrenaline-pumping starts!

Test your skills as a designer and then as a rider in challenges against time and everyone: share your creations or download those of the Community for endless fun!



Show the world who will be the next champion. MXGP 2021 is now available with all the best from the MXGP universe! It’s time to live the emotions of the Official 2021 Championship, with more than 40 riders from MXGP and MX2 categories, and all the bikes of this amazing season. And if you want to race in the avenue of memories, you cannot miss the 4 Legacy Tracks selected among the most celebrated historical circuits: Ottobiano, Ernée, Leon...

MXGP2021 videogame - Box art

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