PS4 (01.04) – PS5 (01.04) – XONE ( – XBOX X|S ( – STEAM

-Added Lacapelle-Marival track on all offline and online game modes. It is also playable in career.

-Added Hill map to Track Editor. Create unique tracks on this new map and share it worldwide

-Added filter tracks by name in all game modes. Now is more simple to find that amazing track you love.

-Added Alessandro Lupino to official riders.

-AFK players online will be ghosted if they not race for N seconds.

-Time to load a bike setting was too short? We have added more time to bike settings phase during online


-Fixed a bug that switches your bike with the one used during a duel or a challenge, in career game mode.

-Fixed a bug on online timer to reach the finish line. With this fix now you have 30 seconds to cross the finish line after the player in first position has endend the race.

-Minor fixes