MXGP 2019, Features reveal

MXGP 2019, Features reveal

MXGP 2019 is finally coming and today we talk about the most important feature of this new chapter of the MXGP Videogame series.

We have already discussed about the great news included in the new title, and you already know that you will be able to live the experience of the current MXGP World Championship, racing with the official 2019 roster and on the current tracks. But this is not all.

During the last year, we have considered many of your requests and feedback. Your support was essential to be able to complete this ambitious project.

Without being either tardy, here for you the biggest news that you can find in MXGP 2019:

The Track Editor: for the first time ever, the track editor comes into the game, so be ready to build your “much-desired” motocross track from scratch.

Once the editing of your track is complete, it can be uploaded online and used by other players. Unleash your creativity and live a brand-new experience every day.

Playground: The most famous free-roaming map comes back on the last MXGP Videogame, with a completely renewed version.

This wide training area will have different settings to improve your riding abilities.

The Waypoint Mode: Enjoy the Playground and access this special game mode. You will have the opportunity to play and create your own paths or choosing from those ones which have been uploaded online by other users. Will you be able to get the best time on all paths?

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